Consulting Services

There is a comprehensive approach to digital marketing. There are no shortcuts and no individual elements that result in your digital marketing success. You must invest time implementing all online and offline channels relevant to your business strategy and have them working together.

Email Marketing

Nurture new and existing leads with relevant email marketing campaigns driving them through your sales funnel to the buying cycle. I create responsive email templates, which are designed to easily view on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Website Content

Also known as content management. Through your CMS (content management system), I create content relevant to what your customers are searching for. This will be, but not limited to text, images, CTA’s, landing pages and multimedia files.

Website Traffic

Increasing your website visits are important, but you need to capture relevant traffic. Types of traffic affect your data and search engine rankings.


Search engine optimization never sleeps. Similar to content management, SEO utilizes keyword and search engine query research necessary to include relevant keywords (short and long-tail) within your content (i.e. text, image alt tags, image descriptions, title tags, page URL’s, social media).

Website Design

If by chance your website is outdated, I will create a new responsive website for you using a WordPress template. Websites built using WordPress are very inexpensive and still provide all the high quality features you see on large 100+ page corporate websites. The template doesn’t drive traffic, user-experience and content does.

Multimedia Marketing

I like to include video and/or slideshows within your content whenever possible. It’s been proven that visitors will engage with your product more by viewing video content. People want to see it rather then read it – at least during their initial research.

Internet Intelligence Reports

Data is critical. I rely on Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Social Media Insights and Email Analytics to create monthly reports. Monthly reports are imperative to gauge success, failures, direction and forecasting.

Product Show Preparation

There is no place better to showcase your products and/or services than at a show exhibit. I’ve been fortunate to prepare and attend shows in New England, the Carolinas, Nashville, and one of the largest in the world, IBS (International Builders Show) in Orlando, FL.

Reputation Management

It’s too easy for customers to write a negative review or comment about your brand. Don’t hide it. Although, no brand is perfect, it’s critical you respond to negative comments in a professional and timely manner. Let the customer know you are listing, provide them an offer to try your projects/services again. I help regain your customers trust.