Video Marketing

There is no better engagement tool to attract and retain potential customers than video. Creating short 1 – 2 minute videos about how you can help your visitors will have a better ROI than words on a page and/or still images.

New Home Video Tour
Shugart Homes in Winston-Salem had a video done on one of their model homes. I edited the plain video by adding their branding, model details and floor plan, highlighting the areas in the home that are about to be shown. This helps the viewer have a better visual experience of the space and to decide if this a home they want to tour. The video is optimized on their YouTube channel.

“Love this one – – really great job! Thanks so much!”
– Colleen Rogers, VP Marketing Palm Harbor Homes

“Love this home. Really enjoyed presentation showing floor plan as rooms are shown. Please do this more often”
– Sandra (Palm Harbor YouTube Channel)